Saturday, June 22, 2019

Welcome to the new Endurance.Net Classifieds

Endurance.Net Classifieds are Offered to the Endurance Community as a free service. You must present a valid userid t(i.e. be signed in) to post an add and you may communication through comments to the add.

Well, this will be the 4th incarnation of the EnduranceNet Classifieds.

It started out as a carry forward from alt.equestrian; then from ; then on to a version that most of you remember (that lasted for a long time).

But its time to move on.

This blog will be where you can, without cost, post your endurance classified ad entries. Just enter a new post to do it. It's not to hard, but you do have to manage your images and contact info etc.

Don't put in phone numbers. And a private "comment" on the post will be there for you to review/respond to.

Ads that appear in this blog will be moderated for content and correctness.